Long Beach City College Beach Volleyball Facility

BeachCourt USA built a state-of the-art Beach Volleyball facility for Long Beach City College.

This championship-calibur sand volleyball complex, features 5 premier volleyball courts that will continue to provide the development of both the volleyball program and its players alike.

These courts were constructed to the requirements of NCAA standards, which included sand type, net system components, space and size requirements, component padding, line boundaries, etc. Custom features built for the LBCC sand volleyball courts included customized school branding, colors, and artwork, perimeter curb padding and special ball containment fencing.

As could be expected with construction during a global pandemic, there were a few obstacles and surprises to overcome during the creation of this project. BeachCourt USA worked closely with the architect throughout the design process and multiple levels of stakeholders; including college athletic directors and coaches, administrative staff, school district members, city officials, and general contractors to make sure all needs, and requirements were met.

The sand selected for this project was vetted by professional Beach Volleyball players to provide the ultimate level of safety and playability.

The performability of the sand, expert drainage systems, custom fencing, scoreboards, light systems, and grand-stand bleachers (with shade structures) all help to make LBCC “a sand volleyball oasis!”

Let BeachCourt USA build you a Beach!